I am a professional hedgelayer working mainly in Bucks, Beds and Herts.
I am accredited by the National Hedgelaying Society, Accreditation No BLI001-060
This site tells you about hedges and hedgelaying, how to contact me and how to find a hedgelayer.
This old version of my website only goes up to March 2014. For the up-to-date version please go to my new website at www.hedgelayer.co.uk

  • Hedgelaying - the absolute basics
  • Hedges and hedgelaying overview
  • Hedges in Our Landscape article
  • Planting and trimming hedges
  • Want to try hedgelaying yourself?
  • The National Hedgelaying Society
  • Sources and bibliography
  • Images of hedges / media coverage
  • Got a hedge to lay? / grant assistance
  • Links to related sites
  • Hedgelaying competitions
  • Hedgelayer's diary
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  • Midland style hedge,
                Little Marlow, October 2013
    My Midland style hedge at Little Marlow, Bucks, October 2013